Divine appointments

Repost from Facebook (originally published on January 13, 2016)

God is so faithful. He blessed my departure from the Philippines 2 months ago with both the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Confession within the same airport. Today, of all terminals, he will be flying me out of terminal 4 at New York’s JFK airport which houses a Catholic Chapel. I have painfully longed for an extended time of prayerful silence before I step out into missions again. Attempts at a silent retreat during my last week failed but in my last few hours before taking off, Jesus grants me His most humble Eucharistic company. Praise you, Lord.


Update: I met a young man named Romelo here. He came in, turned off the lights, sat in the priest’s chair and put on his headphones. Covered by God’s gift of humility and gentleness, I spoke to him about the holiness of the place and especially of the sanctuary. Romelo is not Catholic and practices no faith yet he respectfully listened and moved to a different seat. Then the Lord inspired me to speak about what/who is reposed in the tabernacle as Romelo listened intently. As he slowly turned to go back to his business, he commented – “interesting.” Then shortly after, he leans back, “can I ask you something… what makes you believe in your religion?” His question took me aback but sensing his sincere curiosity, I would answer him with a very short testimony of how Jesus finally became real to me after 27.5 years.

He then thanked me and continued his business listening to music. He would later fall asleep in his chair. Of all chapels… the Lord led him into this one today… at the same time that he brought a lowly missionary evangelist. Romelo wakes up and hurriedly gets up; he’s late to work. As he passes me, I get up and take his hand. I tell him to come back again because of the one here who calls him and loves him. He leaves but not without thanking me.

He would be the second man that I would meet today and tell about Jesus. First was my airport driver, Douglas. I will probably meet someone else on the plane… someone whom Jesus desires to know of his great love. I’m tired, hungry and sleepy; in need of more personal prayer time and reading; and wanting to avoid conversations. But Jesus who thirsts for souls will make a way. Just as he did with both Douglas and Romelo who both initiated the “questions” and were open… He will do the opening. I don’t even need to do anything… but just show up… and speak what I know and believe: In Jesus does our heart find infinite love, mercy, peace and healing.

Taking off…


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